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Starters Menu

  • Tohu kyaw nè mgyi chin ye Burmese tofu with tamarind and coriander dipping sauce
  • Kyet tha gin nè thi ho si ye  Chicken satay with spicy cashew nut sauce
  • Baya kyaw nè mgyi chin ye Bean patties with tamarind and coriander sauce
  • Athi kyaw nè achin ye  Dudhi (exotic asian vegetable) tempura with tamarind and coriander sauce

Main Dishes Menu

  • Ono seik tha hin Lamb and coconut curry
  • Kyet tha nè aloo hin Chicken and potato curry
  • Kayan thi hin Aubergine curry
  • Thi sôn hin Lentil and vegetable curry
  • Kyet tha asat thôk Spicy chicken salad

Side Dishes Menu

  • Pèthi thôk Green bean salad
  • Thayet thi thôk  Green mango salad
  • Tohu thôk Burmese tofu salad
  • Kayan chin thi thôk Tomato salad
  • Byaung bu kyaw (fried blended sweetcorn with garlic, onion and tumeric) Sweetcorn bake

Soup Menu

  • Cya zan nè pè ni le Glass noodle and lentil soup
  • San hlaw, s’balin nè sukyi ywet hin cyo  Roasted rice, lemon grass and spinach soup

Rice Menu

  • Tamin Plain rice
  • Ôno tamin Coconut rice
  • Pè ni le tamin Lentil rice