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Welcome to Yatha Catering – introducing you to Burmese cuisine.

You may be familiar with South East Asian cuisine such as Thai or Vietnamese, but many people have yet to try food from Burma (Myanmar). Burmese food draws on tastes and cooking styles from the five countries that surround it – Thailand, China, India, Bangladesh and Laos – and creates its own blend of unique flavours.

Yatha Catering offers you the opportunity to try Burmese food in the comfort of your own home as a lunch or dinner party and sometimes in pop-up restaurant venues in and around Wiltshire.

For those who like to learn to cook food from around the world, Yatha Catering offers cooking lessons for small groups of up to six people. You can come along with your friends, join a cooking lesson already arranged and meet new people with the same interest, or arrange a one to one lesson. You could also arrange a lesson as gift for a friend or family member.

Finally Yatha Catering can provide food for small functions (up to 100 people).